Every day on my way home from work I pass Cold Nose Lodge and I've always wanted to stop in to see what it looks like inside. The building used to look really run down and now they’ve turned it into a really cute daycare (among other services) for dogs.

I just found out that Nancy in our office went to visit Cold Nose Lodge. When I asked her about it, her response was “Awwww.” She said they have a blog written by Cold Nose Betty (the dog in the picture) where she updates everyone on which dogs come to play each day. They also have a live web cam where the parents can see what their dogs are up to. I don’t have a dog but I enjoy watching the pups running around!

My fiancé and I will be buying a house soon and I’ve officially decided (he's already agreed) that we will be getting a dog – a golden retriever to be specific. I wish we could have one in time for the Bark & Wine event they are holding next month. There will be appetizers, dog-themed wines, live music and even photography sessions for dogs - sounds fun! But the chances of us having a puppy by then are slim. Does anyone have a dog I can borrow?