Whenever I'm in Easton, I have to visit The Crayola Store at Two River's Landing, Lehigh Valley's most colorful retail outlet. Just walking through the doors puts a smile on my face!

I love to watch families marveling at the world's largest crayon then searching for that perfect souvenir to bring home after their factory tour. I usually seem to find something I'd like to buy too.

I collect lapel pins, which I display in my office, so I always check for any new ones I can add to my bulletin boards. I have about twelve from The Crayola Store already.

Another item in my Crayola collection is a bright orange coffee mug. You can't possibly have a bad morning with a mug like that.

My "it's easy being green" t-shirt from the store features "Tip", their mascot, in green along with a recycling symbol made from crayons. It's a big hit at my gym!

I would have to say my favorite item is probably my Crayola toothbrush. It has rainbow colored bristles, a crayon-like handle and a suction cup base. I guess some kids just never grow up.

My son Jimmy will be 21 in September, and I don't have any young nieces or nephews around so I don't have many occasions to buy arts & crafts supplies right now. I guess I'll just have to wait for grandchildren so I'll have someone to color with again.

Out of all the new and creative products Crayola makes, what is your favorite?