Easter will be here this weekend and I couldn’t think of a better time to “get down with the Peeps” that are made right here in Lehigh Valley, Pa. I have written a previous post about all the crazy people out there that are obsessed with this treat, but in keeping with the holiday spirit I simply couldn't resist writing more. Plus, I just happened to catch a clip of David Letterman’s “Top Ten List” that was done this past Tuesday night. I mean, it’s not every day that Lehigh Valley's city of Bethlehem gets featured on national television with the “Top Ten Questions Received by the Marshmallow Peeps Hotline.”  That's when I really felt compelled to do some more research and publish some of the new things I found on this famous candy. Here’s what I found:

I’ve found that people appear to love the Peep or are just so obsessed that they create competitions, events and movies around them:

The Washington Post’s Annual Peep Contest or a variety of others!

Peep Wars - 138,328 YouTube views

There's even wallpaper, gift tags, coloring pages, buddy icons, e-cards and drink recipes using them!

Or, there were the people that appear to hate the Peep:

10 Ways to Kill Marshmallow Peeps (microwave included) - over 63,000 YouTube views

Peeps!!! - 128,328 YouTube views

AND, I’ve found my new favorite song about the Peep:

“Marsha the Marshmallow Peep” - 8,426 YouTube views

There’s also the new Peeps & Company® store at The Shoppes at Sands, located right here in Lehigh Valley. I haven’t made it there yet, but I can only imagine the goodies that can be found and the dentist visits that will follow.

So what’s the bottom line? There’s more to Peeps than meets the eye. It's not just about their color, shape, size or how you prefer to eat them. But, why people are so obsessed with them I don’t think I’ll ever know. Personally, I think people have way too much time on their hands.

If you want to check out how these sweet treats and other Just Born goodies (like Mike & Ike's and Hot Tamales) are made, check out these virtual tours of the candy-making process or view them on PCN Tours here.

Will your Easter baskets be filled with the Peep? What’s your obsession level? Are you a member of their fan club? Come on, be honest!