I grew up in a proverbial "meat & potatoes" household where a spice rack would have been a waste of space. After all, who needed anything more than salt & pepper? Needless to say my culinary tastes have broadened a lot since moving to Lehigh Valley.

Last Friday, I met with Sushil and Ramesh Sharma (they recently opened Satya Indian Cuisine just over the free bridge in Phillipsburg, NJ). I mentioned to them that I honestly don't have much experience with Indian food and their extensive menus almost confuse me. Ramesh seemed shocked at my admission until I said it took awhile for me to decipher Chinese cuisine too. Then he understood what I meant.

As I was crossing back into PA, Don called stating he was in South Side Bethlehem and I should meet him for dinner. Coincidently, he suggested Nawab Indian Restaurant (pictured above). We usually eat there before catching an act at Godfrey Daniels. It's been rated the #1 Indian Restaurant in Lehigh Valley for at least 10 years. It's also a B.Y.O.B. restaurant with a Wine & Spirits shop right across the street - how convenient!

I'm a fan of lamb dishes, so I decided on their Lamb Saag: "tender morsels of lamb cooked with freshly minced spiced spinach." I actually think I've ordered this dish before and once again enjoyed it.

With all the options available in Indian Cuisine, what should I try next?