One of the things I really enjoy about the summer months is the fresh produce that can be found throughout Lehigh Valley. There is something to be said about an in-season piece of fruit or veggie. There are a few places that I must head to each summer to find the best-of-the-best and I really don't think they are too much of a secret. Word seems to travel fast around the Valley when there is good food!

For example, if you say to someone, "Have you had any good corn-on-the-cob this summer?" one of the answers is going to be "Oh my God, you have to go to Newhard Farms Corn Shed?" Trust me, the corn there is out of this world. Some other answers might be Graver Farmstead in Bath. And I am sure you will get another one who says, "Have you tried Aw Shucks?" I am a diehard fan of Newhards though, so that will always be my first response.

Another Lehigh Valley favorite summertime food of mine has got to be the peach! My favorite is picking them right off the tree at Strawberry Acres. You ride out to the trees via an open-air old school bus and load up your boxes with some of the biggest, juiciest peaches around. I have heard that Bechdolt's Orchards in Hellertown produces 35 varieties of peaches, but I can't attest to their goodness.

What are some of your favorite summertime foods and where do you go to get them? Have you visited any of the ones I have mentioned?