Anyone who has been to my house can attest to the fact that the last thing we need is another piece of art. Don had a three-story house filled with interesting pieces prior to marrying me and some are still stacked in storage. That doesn't stop me from popping into Lehigh Valley galleries whenever I can ... "just to look."

I'm blaming Facebook for my recent purchase. Here's how it went down on January 7th ...

Monsoon Art Gallery: It's Monsoon's "It's About Time That's on Sale" sale!!! Don't miss it! Hope to see you all at First Friday tomorrow night"

Me: Is my rain stick still there???

Monsoon Art Gallery: There is still one left! If you come by tomorrow night for it, I'll be sure to put it on sale just for you.

Me: Woo Hoo! The rain stick is mine, all mine!

Now for the back story.

Back in 2004, I met Ranjeet Pawar, the owner of Monsoon. Over the years I've stopped in to look around whenever I'm in the SouthSide of Bethlehem and Don and I have attended several exhibit openings. Every time I'm there I'm drawn to one corner of the gallery. That's where the rain sticks, made by Jerome Lyons, were. I've been mesmerized by these magical instruments for six years now and would always play them whenever there.

So on January 8th, I happenedto be in the neighborhood so I stopped in "just to look." Ranjeet walked in the gallery and started laughing as he saw me, once again, contemplating making the last rain stick "mine, all mine."

After hearing that I recently turned 50 and would be using money my parents gave me as a gift, he gave me a really good deal. The stick is now in my office. If I can find an empty corner, I might bring it home.

Which Lehigh Valley gallery has your favorite piece of art?