By the time you read this post, the winners of the 10th annual Freddy Awards will be known. I’m sure a lot of voices will have been lost to screaming, and tears of joy shed. I plan to watch the awards ceremony live on WFMZ tonight (Thursday), but I really don’t care who wins. Honestly, I didn’t catch any of the 29 participating High School’s musical productions this year but after Wednesday night’s preview party and dress rehearsal, I won’t miss the opportunity again!

This was the first time State Theatre in Easton held this preview event in celebration of the 10 anniversary of the Freddy’s. I really hope it won’t be the last. The invitation stated 5 to 8, but I stayed until 9:30…that’s how much I enjoyed the experience. There was food, auction items to bid on, and fun conversations with old friends and new, but the best part was the kids.

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of talented high school students living in Lehigh Valley. There must be something in the water. Another thought that struck me was how inclusive participating in the performing arts can be. From short to tall, drop dead gorgeous to well…not, the only common denominators needed are passion, dedication, discipline, and the willingness to go through the same routine over and over again in order to nail it on performance night. The natural talent found in these kids is honed to professional grade by the many teachers and coaches who spend countless hours guiding their students.

The “dedication” element was obvious when the group from all the schools performed the opening number. They went through long and very intense rehearsals with kids they just met, to live up to the caliber of Freddy’s past productions. It was interesting to see them repeat it several times as they worked out issues with lighting and cameras on the stage.

I finish this post on Friday morning having watched “Fred X” last night on television. The show was phenomenal and the behind the scenes interviews and live chat comments from all over the country made watching the event on the “small screen” every bit as enjoyable as seeing it live.

If you didn’t catch the Freddy’s last night, I strongly suggest you tune in as it is replayed Saturday on WFMZ, again at 7pm, or you can view highlights on If you really want a feel for the Freddy Awards, pick up a copy of the EMMY winning documentary “Most Valuable Players”, the movie that followed the 2008 Freddy’s participants for months leading up to the show.

Thanks to Shelly Brown, the sponsors who make it all possible, and the countless others who make the Freddy’s a premier Lehigh Valley event. Congratulations to this year’s winners…you had some stiff competition!

I, for one, can’t wait to wear my “Fred X” t-shirt in support of this great program. Did you watch the Freddys? What was your favorite performance?