Over the years, particularly during my childhood, I spent a lot of time at Dorney Park, which kicks off its 126th season tomorrow. My aunt and uncle used to live in what's now the park's employee parking lot. But that's not the only thing that's changed ...

First, there was no Wildwater Kingdom back in those days. Also, you used to need tickets to get on the rides. My aunt was best buddies with the park staff, so she always had baskets full of tickets for us to use. Today, you buy one pass to get into both parks and ride all the rides you want.

My two favorite Dorney rides: Thunderhawk and Journey to the Center of the Earth. My friends and I used to make a continuous loop of getting on and off each of them! JTTCOTE is now gone, but the wooden Thunderhawk coaster has survived.

My favorite new-ish ride is Steel Force. Nothing beats the view from the top of this coaster and its smooth ride. Brand new for this year is Demon Drop, but I'm not so sure I'm going to like this one. From what I read, this 131-foot tower is going to plummet 60-feet in less than two seconds! I hate elevators and they move rather slowly ... I don't think my vertigo would do too well on this one.

Another newbie at Dorney is a large gray building right near the entrance. That's the Good Times Theatre, an indoor ice skating arena where performances of Snoopy Rocks on Ice are held. I checked out the show last year when it first opened and they did an amazing job, very professional skaters. I wanted to be a professional skater when I was a kid, so this was more up my alley than "free falling" at record speeds.

Do you have plans to "Do Dorney" this year?