I recently attended two of the four events that made up the Lehigh Valley ZooBASH. The first event was the Zoo Gala at Allentown's Symphony Hall.

I was greeted by a few special guests as soon as I walked through the doors: an owl, a very large boa constrictor and some sort of a large lizard.

I quickly passed all of them and made my way to the silent auction area. I would say there were at least 60 items to bid on including handcrafted jewelry, rounds of golf and gift baskets. I chose about five that I was willing to pay for, but I didn't win on any of them.

They also held a live auction on five experiences, one of them being a chance to spend a day with the zookeeper feeding the animals. I would have loved to have been able to spend the money to win that!

Included in admission to the Zoo Gala was the second ZooBASH event of the evening, a live animal show. The first act was a juggler. This guy juggled everything from rings to knives. I was pretty impressed at his ability to juggle multiple items and manage to eat an apple in between!

Next up were the live animals: reptiles, mammals and birds. A few of my favorites were the nine-week-old jaguar and the year-old lion who was inseparable from his bulldog buddy. I also enjoyed the birds.

The goal of the Lehigh Valley ZooBASH was to raise $22,000 to support the yearly cost to feed the penguins (one of my favorite exhibits) at the Zoo. I don't know if they reached their goal, but the event was organized very well and I enjoyed myself. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful place as the Lehigh Valley Zoo in our backyards.

When's the last time you visited the Lehigh Valley Zoo?