This past Saturday night I witnessed Stabler Area come alive with the sound of thunder stix as the Lehigh Valley Steel Hawks had their home debut against the Richmond Revolution. I had great seats near the 5 yard line, which allowed me to view the fast-paced and high scoring action up close. But it’s not just about football.

I’d compare it to the Ironpigs, this is a family atmosphere (a loud one). They have on field contests of spin the bat races and musical chairs. During some of the pregame, two coaches got pies in their faces and at halftime there was a field goal kicking contest, for those of you thinking that it’d be easy, their goal posts aren’t as wide as you’ve come to see in the NFL or college football.

Speaking of, this isn’t the NFL, it’s more like minor league football with a twist. What’s the twist? The field is 50 yards long, Kickoffs are kicked from the goal line and, yes you are allowed to have two men in motion before the snap of the ball. For a big football fan like myself, it is an adjustment to see so much movement before the snap of the ball, I kept looking for a flag to be thrown.

The game itself was close, back and forth, and although it ended in a Steel Hawks loss, the event was not soured. High scoring football games are exciting and fun to be a part of.

If its football you like, then this is definitely the night out you are looking for. The Steel Hawks next homestand is April 9th, 16th, and 23rd. See you at Stabler!

Have you had your Lehigh Valley football fix?

This Lehigh Valley InSite blog post was written by guest blogger Rick Pongracz.