I know walking is good for your health and all, but I'd rather not do it when I go sightseeing in (a lot of walking leaves me with sore ankles for days). And being a country girl, it's too much work to maneuver through city traffic, watch for pedestrians and take in the sights. Therefore, the best way for me to sightsee in a city is on a segway.

Last year, I took a segway tour of Bethlehem via Segway of the Lehigh Valley (SLV). I had never ridden a segway before, but that wasn't a problem; before heading out on the streets, I watched a safety video on how to use a segway and then had time to practice right there in the SLV showroom.

Driving a segway is pretty easy: lean forward to go forward, lean back to go back, turn the right handle to go right, turn the left handle to go left. The only problem I had was I kept trying to "give it gas" by turning the right handle, which is how motorcycles are set up, so I turned right a lot. Ha ha!

SLV took a group of us on a BethWorks Tour, which takes you along the old Bethlehem Steel property in south Bethlehem (where the new casino is being built) and north Bethlehem, aka Historic Bethlehem. We drove on sidewalks, over bridges, on gravel paths, on cobblestones - segways are surprisingly smooth, regardless of the terrain. And traffic was even polite enough to wait patiently as we scooted through a crosswalk or two.

On the day of my tour, a representative from Historic Bethlehem Partnership acted as our tour guide, stopping here and there throughout the route to reveal historic nuggets of info, which was a nice addition to the pretty scenery.

So, does this sound like something you would do?