Lehigh Valley has a lot of mascots, representing everything from sports teams to fairs to colleges and universities. These 6 furry friends know fun. (It’s basically their job.) Here’s what each one would do with a little free time in Lehigh Valley.

meLVin, the mascot of Lehigh Valley Phantoms hockey high fives a child at a playgroundmeLVin's Lehigh Valley Weekend Itinerary

If you’ve seen a Lehigh Valley Phantoms game at the PPL Center, you know meLVin, a Puck-Nosed Pladottle (no, really) known for his love of popcorn, brightly colored tube socks, and general shenanigans. And if you haven’t seen a game, well, that’s one of things a certain Pladottle suggests you do.

  1. With the regular season coming to a close and teams battling for a top playoff spot, the PPL Center is the place to be for hockey. That’s where meLVin will be—at all home games throughout the end of the season.
  2. meLVin’s favorite snack is popcorn—especially when it is made locally in the Lehigh Valley. So go gourmet and try Clusters Handcrafted Popcorn in Bethlehem.
  3. meLVin is a legendary whistler—and where better than to hear other masters of the craft than at the Lehigh & Keystone Valley Model Railroad Museum, which has monthly open houses. 
  4. A short walk down Hamilton Street from his home at the PPL Center is where meLVin takes in the wild colors within the galleries at the Allentown Art Museum.

Clutch, Lehigh University's Mountainhawk mascot at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA

Clutch's Lehigh Valley Weekend Itinerary

Brown, and always outfitted in a white jersey, Clutch is Lehigh University’s winged Mountain Hawks mascot. His recommendations for Lehigh Valley fun include fitness, food, and fun.

  1. Clutch would wake up early for a morning hike up Hawk Mountain, with friends, to visit with his fellow avian raptors.
  2. After working up an appetite, Clutch would head to El Jefe’s Taqueria for a Super Quesadilla and Chimichangas. Hawks can eat.
  3. Looking for a little educational motivation, Clutch would head to Lehigh’s Mountaintop to check out the Lehigh Valley Social Impact Fellowship summer projects.
  4. Finally, Clutch would visit a fest at SteelStacks™ for guaranteed good eats, music, and fun. (And might even take a walk—or perch—along the Hoover-Mason Trestle while there.)

Moodonna, The Great Allentown Fair mascot, waves to the crowd atop a parade float

Moodonna's Lehigh Valley Weekend Itinerary

The always-stunning Moodonna is The Great Allentown Fair mascot. She keeps things local with her picks.

  1. Any Saturday, Moodonna is having lunch at the Fairgrounds Farmer’s Market while checking out what kind of show is going on at Agri Plex. For dessert? Ritz Barbecue for a scoop (or two) of butter brickle ice cream.
  2. Being a mascot for The Great Allentown Fair comes with a fair share of indulging in fair food. Moodonna’s favorite way to burn off those calories is by lacing up her dancing shoes and heading to the MainGate Nightclub.
  3. Catching dinner and a show at Pines Dinner Theatre, watching the talented cast of actors perform their always-entertaining shows.
  4. Some women like clothing and shoes, but Moodonna’s favorite is jewelry so she’s stopping by Susan Bella Jewelry to pick herself something nice, because why not?

Lafayette College's mascot, The Leopard flexes his muscles

The Leopard's Lehigh Valley Weekend Itinerary

Lafayette College's flag-waving Leopard mascot has been a campus tradition for nearly a century and is synonymous with its athletic program. The Leopard keeps a busy schedule, but—like any cat—enjoys some down time.

  1. To keep fit and keep their mountain-hawk-stalking moves fresh (see rival, Clutch, above), Leopard is attending spin classes at various Lehigh Valley gyms.
  2. Leopard frequently runs out of maroon and white crayons, so he’s at Crayola Experience™ often (but also for the climbing playground inside).
  3. The Lehigh River is as impressive as it is expansive. Leopard catches a ride with members of the Lafayette College Crew Club—but you can just as easily tube, raft, and kayak the river too.
  4. Leopard is also politically active, volunteering with local community groups to petition Lehigh Valley for the cat park it so desperately needs.

FeFe and FeRROUS the furry mascots of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pa.

FeFe and FeRROUS's Lehigh Valley Weekend Itinerary

FeFe and FeRROUS are the dynamic duo mascots at Coca-Cola Park, where you’ll find them rooting on the Lehigh Valley IronPigs at every game. Here are four more spots they love.

  1. Ever the appreciator of entertainment and comedy, FeRROUS loves the SteelStacks™ in Bethlehem for live music and stand-up.
  2. FeRROUS also loves going to the Crayola Experience™, where he can put himself in a coloring book, create his own crayon, and so much more.
  3. FeFe is a Dorney Park girl. “Nothing is better than seeing FeRROUS’ scared face when we’re on a rollercoaster or going on a waterslide after a hot day at the ballpark!” he says.
  4. But both of them appreciate the Allentown Farmers market. “We go to the Allentown Farmers Market for the freshest and healthiest food,” they both say.