Tuesday was the beginning of the end of what I consider to be one of the best TV shows of all time. “Lost” began its 6th and final season Tuesday night so we actually got some other "Lost"ies together and had a "Lost" Party (the Super Bowl isn’t the only big TV event this week).

I'm not going to attempt explaining anything about this show; you either watch it or you don’t. It is hard enough to follow it when you have watched it since the beginning and re-watched on DVD, which is another reason why it's good to have "Lost" Parties. Between the eight of us we can keep track of what is going on.

Any how, back to Tuesday's "Lost" Party. During one of the scenes, a character from previous episodes made an appearance. After much discussion, we determined that the character was Leslie Arzt, played by Bethlehem native Daniel Roebuck, the same Daniel Roebuck who played Jay Leno in “The Late Shift.”

There is another Lehigh Valley native who is one of the stars of “Lost.” Daniel Dae Kim plays Jin-Soo Kwon. Kim is from Easton and is one of the most important characters in the series.

So there is Lehigh Valley’s connection to TV greatness. You heard it here first!