As a proud citizen of Lehigh Valley, I reported to Northampton County Courthouse for jury duty on Monday, along with 316 others. Maybe it's just me, but the whole experience seemed like a trip back to high school.

Just follow me on this one.

I entered the "jury lounge" which was more "study hall" than "cocktail lounge". I handed my paper over to the "proctor" and was given a "test" to fill out and return. Then the sit-and-wait game began which felt like I was plopped into detention on the set of "The Breakfast Club." Looking around the room brought to mind all the sophomoric thoughts I thought I'd outgrown. "I can't believe she's wearing THAT!" And "he looks like HE should be on trial!"

Eventually names were drawn. "Totally random," "selected by computer" but somehow I felt as if I wasn't picked to be on the dodge ball team in gym class. Oh, and here's the kicker ... my favorite part of the day was lunch/recess!

Luckily, we had two hours before reporting back for the afternoon session, so rather then crowding into the cafeteria or walking across the street to a small pizza place, I walked to Centre Square Easton.

There, I was my "old" self again. I stopped in to talk with Kim at Easton Main Street's new office, popped into Partyology and chatted with Liz, which is always fun but even more so because Jo from the Quadrant was there too. Bought more tea from Christine's Secret Garden, then enjoyed some soup from Terra Cafe.

I trekked back up the hill in plenty of time to report back and catch an episode of "All My Children," the soap opera I watched in high school over 30 years ago. (Erika looks the same. That's just not right!)

By the time we were "dismissed," I had overheard conversations and bonds formed between the most unlikely of people. I walked to my car humming "Don't you ... forget about me."

What have you experienced on jury duty?