Last night I met a hero.

As a member of the Lehigh Valley Arts Council I was invited to attend their annual membership reception held at Penn State Lehigh Valley's beautiful campus in Center Valley. There were a lot of cool Lehigh Valley events I could have attended last night, but I'm so glad I picked this one.

I met Bob Dorough!

Even better...he sat down at the piano and sang "My Hero, Zero"! Now if you're having trouble remembering the tune, don't check the play list on a top 40 radio station. Think back to Saturday mornings watching cartoons in your pajamas. Bob Dorough wrote and performed many of the Schoolhouse Rock series of songs which, as his website states, "entertained and instructed unsuspecting children" for years.

For that contribution, Lehigh Valley Arts Council awarded Bob the first "Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Creative Contribution to Arts-in-Education". From now on I think they should just call it the "Bob Dorough Award"...just a suggestion. Oh, he's also a famous jazz pianist and composer who worked with the likes of Miles Davis and Allen Ginsberg.

Mr. Dorough wasn't the only hero to receive an award. The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts' Dance Department, Muhlenberg Elementary School's Music Program and Whitehall High School's Zephyr Art Gallery also won "Awards for Excellence in Art Education".

Entertainment for the evening was provided by jazz musicians from Trexler Middle School, Broughal Middle School and the LV Charter H.S. for the Performing Arts. I wouldn't be surprised to see any of them accepting their own "Bob Dorough Awards" someday.

This reception was billed as "the Lehigh Valley Arts Community's jazziest networking event" and it was. I had such a good time talking with old friends and new, like Bob Dorough.

Although I am not a participant in the art world, I am a beneficiary which is why I belong to this organization.  Are you a member of the Lehigh Valley Arts Council?