I do not pretend to be an avid golfer, but after two years working at a Lehigh Valley golf course, I have a pretty good idea what golfers want.

Golfers want:

            - pristine greens
            - to play
at their own pace
            - variety 

What they may or may not realize is that from the golf course's point of view:

  • PGA-caliber greens cost a lot of money to maintain, which would result in price-jump in greens fees that would make last summer's gas hike look like small potatoes.
  • Trying to control the pace at which some golfers play is like trying to take a cat for a walk - doable, but definitely not easy.
  • The golf business is just too competitive to start partnering up with the course down the road to give golfers the variety that they're looking for.

That last point - something that was ingrained into my brain from the moment the word's "assistant clubhouse manager" was associated with my name - is changing. Three Lehigh Valley golf courses (and one from the Poconos) have just created a program that benefits the golfer first, the course second. Finally!

Center Valley Club, The Club at Morgan Hill and Olde Homestead Golf Club have put their competitive natures aside and said, "Join our Preferred Golf Membership Program and have unlimited access to these four distinctive courses for the rest of the season."

At a time when the economy appears to be crumbling all around us, instead of trying to discount one another out of business, these golf courses came up with a way not only to stay afloat, but more importantly gave people like you and me a way to add a little variety to the game without wasting our hard-earned money.

Now that you know my opinion on the matter, what do you think?