This is the second in a series of three posts in which I detail my 2009 New Year's resolutions, which revolve around experiencing more in Lehigh Valley. Click here to view the first post in the series.

I can't cook a decent meal if my life depended on it, so my boyfriend and I go out to eat at least once a week. So my second New Year's resolution is to go to five Lehigh Valley restaurants that I've never been to before in 2009.



1. blue grillhouse & wine bar in Bethlehem - Three words: Swiss Alps martini. Made with my all-time favorite spirit, Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka, and vanilla vodka, I will absolutely go to a restaurant just for a martini.

2. Glasbern in Fogelsville - What appeals to me about this restaurant is it takes "farm" food and makes it fancy. "Hendricks Farms" Artisan Cheese PlatePotato-Gorgonzola Soup and Pan Roasted Day Boat Halibut all sound way better than cubed cheese, potato soup and fried fish.

3. King George Inn in Allentown - I've heard people talk about this restaurant for years. It earned a spot on my list when I found out that not only is it a national historic site, they have Cheese and Fresh Herb Ravioli (yummy!) on the menu.

4. Stoned Crab in Macungie - I rarely eat "exotic" things, but when I saw Sesame Fried Steak Strips with wasabi sour cream on their menu, I thought it sounded like something worth trying. But it was the Dry Aged New York Strip Steak in a bourbon sauce that secured Stoned Crab a spot on my list.

5. Magnolia's in Orefield - The fact that this restaurant is only 15 minutes away from my home appealed to me enough to put it on my list. Well, that and dining on Hearty Beef Short Ribs with Smoked Maple Mashed Potatoes in a "moody, jazzy atmosphere."

Next week is the final installment in my resolution series ... you don't want to miss it.