There’s nothing like cracking open a cold beer on a hot day. Lehigh Valley is home to a number of fantastic breweries - ranging from small to large - that offer the perfect brews to quench your summertime thirst. 

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite seasonal beers, all produced by local brewmasters. Are we missing your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

Weyerbacher Brewing Company WIT
4.6% ABV | Untappd Rating: 3.52
If you’re a fan of Blue Moon, this is a (major) step up. Easily drinkable, WIT is the perfect poolside choice for a sunny day.

HiJinx Brewing Company Wicked White
5% ABV | Untappd Rating: 3.58
Similar to Weyerbacher’s WIT, the HiJinx Wicked White is a good bet for those looking for a light finish with a hint of orange. With this one, you’ll get a bit more of a Belgian finish. 

Fegley’s Brew Works Blueberry Belch
4.2% ABV | Untappd Rating: 3.47
Perhaps you’re into the fruity flavors. Blueberry Belch puts summer’s sweetest fruit front and center. Easily drinkable without too much sweetness, this one will have you coming back for more.

Yergey Brewing Orange You Glad American Wheat
5.5% ABV | Untappd Rating: 3.54
Homebrewer turned brewery owner, Jim Yergey, has perfected the balance of orange zest with a bit of a malty finish with this summertime favorite. 

Separatist Beer Project Mocking Birds Mocking
5.2% ABV | Untappd Rating: 3.91
A newcomer to Lehigh Valley, Separatist Beer Project creates unique brews in extremely limited batches. Pick up this oatmeal-y, drinkable IPA at their Bar + Bottle shop in Eason while it’s still around!

Funk Brewing Company Citrus IPA
7% ABV | Untappd Rating: 3.84
As far as citrusy IPAs go, Funk offers one of the best around. If you’re new to IPAs, you’ll want to give this a shot as it promises a bold citrus flavor at an approachable ABV.

Saucony Creek xReserve Peach & Ginger Saison
5.2% ABV | Untappd Rating: 3.65
Awarded a gold medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival, this fruit-style beer brings a unique flavor. You’ll get hints of peach along with a strong ginger taste that balances out perfectly.

Two Rivers Farmer’s Market SIPA
6.3% ABV | Untappd Rating: 4.08
Brewed to commemorate the 265th anniversary of the Easton Farmers’ Market, this limited-batch IPA packs plenty of juice and features heavy Citra hops with notes of peach. 

For a deeper look at the breweries of Lehigh Valley, click here. Cheers!