The Discover Lehigh Valley Ambassador program is at the heart of our mission, strengthening the economy through tourism while promoting regional pride. Each unique ambassador story is a testament to the energy, diversity, and boundness enthusiasm that make Lehigh Valley not just a place to visit, but a place to belong. Learn more about our influential ambassadors, as they inspire experiences, give back to their community, and encourage the world to discover the magic of Lehigh Valley!

Elizabeth Strong: Elizabeth Anthony's Salon

May 2024 Lehigh Valley Ambassador Spotlight

Elizabeth was born and raised in Bethlehem, PA, and is a proud supporter of the Lehigh Valley. Not only is she a master hairstylist, makeup artist, and stylist, but she also empowers other women to chase after their dreams and reach their fullest potential.

What first inspired you to become involved with the Lehigh Valley Ambassador Program?

I've noticed the huge growth in Lehigh Valley, particularly with small businesses and empowerment events! It's amazing how citizens, business owners, and visitors are supporting and inspiring each other. I also think people outside of the Lehigh Valley are starting to take notice of everything it has to offer, and I wanted to help share all of the amazing things going on right here in my community.


Can you share a memorable experience or interaction you’ve had while serving as an ambassador?

I’m so happy to say that I get asked almost on a daily basis about places to go and things to do and to see here and Lehigh Valley! I think I’ve been an ambassador before I even officially had the title!  I travel often, and it’s really fun for me when I’m traveling internationally and someone talks to me about an amazing event we had here at home that they saw on my Instagram! 

Elizabeth Strong - Lehigh Valley Ambassador Spotlights - Allentown, PA

What do you believe are the most significant attractions or events that visitors should not miss in Lehigh Valley?

We truly have something for everyone! From arts, culture, and sports to museums and fine dining. Fashion, beauty, wineries, boutiques, hotels, and B&Bs - we've got it all. Highlights include the new Da Vinci Science Center, PPL Arena, LV Phantoms, The Iron Pigs, Dorney Park, and our vibrant Puerto Rican and Dominican Festivals. Not to mention Musikfest and Chriskindlmarkt - no one celebrates Christmas like the Christmas City!

Looking forward, what new initiatives or projects within the Lehigh Valley are you most excited about?

I'm thrilled to witness our community's growth, from thriving businesses to the recent surge in women-owned and minority-owned enterprises! I'm also eager to see the new developments, like the Moxy Hotel at 10th and Hamilton and the upcoming Archer Music Hall!

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