No matter how long you live in an area like Lehigh Valley, you can never know everything about it. For example, I was recently doing a little web surfing and came across this Web site. I had no idea there are over 195 clubs and venues that feature live music in Lehigh Valley. I knew there were some - like Mezza Luna and Penn's Peak - but not that many!

Also during my surf session, I found another Web site that touted Lehigh Valley musicians. They even have a two-disc CD compilation of some of the local bands for sale. And every year those bands vie for one or more of the Lehigh Valley Music Awards (voting for the LVMAs is going on now until October 25; the ceremony will be December 1 at Allentown Symphony Hall).

It would be neat if someone put together a list of all of the famous bands that have played in Lehigh Valley over the years. I know I have seen a few. I am sure the list would be enormous with such great venues from The Great Allentown Fair, State Theatre and Godfrey Daniels to some of the old venues that don't exist anymore like Bill Daniel's Rock Palace and Castle Gardens.

I would have to say that next time you don't think there is anything going on in Lehigh Valley, think again! No matter what type of music you like - folk, rock, country, metal, jazz, blues, hip-hop or punk - I am sure you will find it right here in Lehigh Valley.

Which bands have you seen play in the area? And, what is your favorite venue to see someone play?