I'm far from being a sports fan. All of my friends will tell you that. So they'd probably be surprised to find me watching a lacrosse tournament in my free time. But that is indeed where I will be tomorrow for the annual Lehigh LaxFest event at Lehigh University in Bethlehem.

Lehigh Valley hosts numerous sports tournaments each year, and since I'm more of an art museum/concert/theater kinda person, I can't honestly say that I get to many of them. But since my boyfriend's youngest son is a goalie for a summer lacrosse team called the River Dogs, I've been going to a lot more lately, many of which are all over the state.

What I like best about LaxFest is that it's close to home. In fact, it's right in my backyard.

The playing fields at the Ulrich Sports Complex at Lehigh are top notch and since there are so many of them, it allows several games to be played simultaneously which really keeps the tournament moving throughout the day.

There's also plenty of convenient parking which is worth more than you might think if you've never been to an event as large at this one with more than 150 teams participating. I consider it to be organized chaos!

The best part is the lacrosse parents: they arrive at the field early and stake their claim to a swath of grass where they set up a series of Easy-Up tents, forming a team village of grills, bag chairs and coolers. It's a community of lacrosse families that springs to life for a series of summer tournaments, and I really enjoy being a part of it.

So, which sports tournaments have you attended in Lehigh Valley? Which is your favorite?