College football fans flock to games during the fall months to cheer on their alma maters. But did you know the most played college rivalry happens right here in Lehigh Valley?That’s right - the annual meeting of Lehigh-Lafayette has been a favorite amongst alumni, students, and fans for more than 150 years. 

The first meeting of the two colleges was held in 1884, just one year after the first standardized football rules were established. 2019 will mark the 155th meeting of what has become known simply as “The Rivalry.” 

The game typically alternates between the two campuses, though the 150th event was held at Yankee Stadium. This year’s event will be held at Lehigh University’s Goodman Stadium on Saturday, November 23. Get your tickets here. 

But Rivalry Week brings much more than the football game as its cornerstone. Both campuses celebrate with pep rallies, bonfires, and more. On the campus of Lehigh University, favorite events include the Turkey Trot and Bed Races, while both campuses display ‘bedsheet banners’ on front porches with silly phrases jeering the opposing team. 

And for fans attending the 155th meeting of The Rivalry, there are a number of new features to enjoy on-site at Goodman Stadium. The facility boasts a new and renovated suites in the Skybox at the stadium’s west side, with the press box & media center moving to a new tower on the east side. 

Additional stadium upgrades for the 2019 season include a new sound system and a visual display board, which will be located below the current scoreboard.

Ready to cheer on The Rivalry? Order your tickets today!

This post is sponsored by Lehigh Athletics.