After four years of frustration, my alma mater, Lehigh University, beat its archrival, Lafayette College, on Saturday. Here are my top five thoughts on the game:

1. This was the 144th time the teams played each other, making it the most often played rivalry in college football.

2. The game was much closer than the 31 to 15 score; Lafayette won in the offensive statistics battle, but it's what's on the scoreboard that counts. 

3. This year there were no post-season playoff implications for either team as Lehigh was looking at a losing record and Lafayette fell out of Patriot League championship contention with last week's loss. 

4. It's ironic that on November 22, the 45th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, that a Lehigh cornerback named John Kennedy would seal the deal for Lehigh with a 94-yard pick-six. 

5. A sweet victory made sweeter by the fact that Lafayette was picked to win

Oh, and by the way, Lehigh's Wrestling team is 4 - 0 with two wins against nationally ranked opponents.