I've never skied or boarded before; probably because I've heard stories from my friends about broken bones and concussions! But with ski season in the Valley around the corner, I'm determined this year to see if it's for me.

Since I only live 4-1/2 minutes from Bear Creek Mountain Resort, I thought I'd start there in case I have any mishaps on the mountain. They have packages for first-timers like me, which include a lift ticket, rentals and lessons for as long as you need that day (I'd probably get my money's worth right there!).

My friends from college think it will be funny to see me tumble down the mountain, so they plan to visit that weekend. But if that's the way they're gonna be, they ain't stayin' with me. They can get a hotel room AND a lift ticket for only $60, which means they'll have plenty of cash left over to cover my post-ski activities: Bear Creek's spa, to relieve my stress and aching muscles, and a Bear Creek Ski Burger and a chocolate martini - delicious - from The Grille.

Once I've conquered Bear Creek, I plan to head over to the other side of the Valley and try my sweet skills at Blue Mountain.

Stay tuned to hear about my adventures skiing or to hear about my list of reasons why I chickened out.

Any words of encouragement?