Notice anything different about me? Like maybe the fact that over half my hair is gone? And if that wasn't risque enough, I had it done at a salon I had never been to before!

I found Lawrence Roth Salon & Day Spa through a Google search and went through my check list.
- Close to work? Check! (And on my way home.)
Reasonable prices? Check! (For an upscale salon, not a Holiday Hair.)
- Favorable reviews? Check! (Although they were from 2005.)
Everything looked on the up and up, so I booked an appointment for the next day. 

While this West Allentown salon doesn't look like much from the outside, the work being done on the inside is nothing short of fine art. I swear! It was like my hair was being sculpted! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Kristen Kyra was my colorist, stylist and eyebrow waxer. She really took time to understand the exact cut and color I wanted done. She also brought me a pile of quintessential salon reading material to flip through while I was waiting for the color to take, which I really appreciated since the other option was to stare at myself in the mirror for a half hour.

The shampoo and head massage given by Raquel was absolutely fabulous. Honestly, the best I've ever had. But I'll warn you, she has a firm hand that really massages the scalp, so she's not for the sensitive.

Once the major cutting began, Kristen transformed into a sculptor and my hair was the slab of marble. Considering the drastic change in my appearance, I was glad for her attention to detail. But for someone who doesn't spend much time in a salon, after two hours I wanted to say "Alright already! Enough cutting!"

It wasn't cheap, but the service and the end product I got at Lawrence Roth were fantastic. And considering how busy the rest of the manicurists, facialists, and other beauty specialists were during my time there, I'm obviously not the only one pleased with this Lehigh Valley day spa and salon.

Do you have a favorite salon? Or do you take chances on your hair, like I did?