The last of our Lehigh Valley celebrity discoveries in honor of our Discover Lehigh Valley contest (share your Lehigh Valley discovery and you could win a $200 Visa gift card) is ...

Easton resident for over 50 years and former Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World seven years in a row, "The Easton Assassin," Larry Holmes.

“My favorite discovery in Lehigh Valley is simple – it’s where I met my wife!

I met my wife Diane while she was in high school. You see, my brother Bob and Diane’s sister, Wanda, were dating at the time and whenever they would have a party or get together, we’d tag along and that’s how we met. Bob and Wanda wound up getting married, and I’ve been married to Diane for 30 years now. We’ve lived here in Easton the entire time. No personal accolades or Heavyweight Championship belt can top that.”

Well, that's it, folks! Those are all the discoveries we currently have to share. We hope they've inspired you to think about what your favorite Lehigh Valley discovery is. If you haven't already, click here to submit your photo or story. The final winner will be selected on Tuesday, June 1.