Congratulations to Jeanne O. of Hatfield! She's our second randomly selected winner of the Discover Lehigh Valley Contest. The final winner (of a $200 Visa gift card) will be selected Tuesday, June 1.

OK. Now that that's taken care of, the next Lehigh Valley celebrity discovery that we'd like to share is ...

Graduate of William Allen High School in Allentown, child star of NBC's "Gimme a Break!" and present day voice-over actress, Lara Jill Miller.


"My favorite Lehigh Valley discovery is Trexler Park [in Allentown].

Growing up as a family, we used to drive slowly around the park in our big station wagon, eating ice cream from Carvel, looking at the golden leaves in the fall and white wonderland in winter. Of course, we'd always stop to feed the ducks.

As I got older, I'd ride my bike there with friends, stopping by the 7-Eleven to get a good ol' Slurpee. Sometimes we'd roller skate or play on inner tubes where the little brook ran by a log cabin.

When jogging became all the rage, both my parents and I became avid Trexler Park runners! We’d run 1.2 miles around the little loop or 1.4 miles around the top. Sometimes we'd make it four times around, in addition to jogging there and back home. It was our favorite place to exercise.

We still revisit Trexler Park almost every time I come home from Los Angeles or New York. We stroll through, walk past the log cabin and remember all the wonderful times we’ve had. It's beautiful there - I have so many great memories at the park. It's a place I cherish."

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