I thought it was gonna be just another Friday happy hour with friends in Lehigh Valley. I always look forward to these gatherings with friends to unwind - have a few drinks, relax, forget about the week - but sometimes they need a little jolt. Not this night. I could feel and see the energy coming from Krocks Pub while looking for a place to park.

There were so many people there, my immediate thought was how am I gonna find my friends? Are they at the inside bar downstairs? They might be at the outside patio bar ... which was 3-deep. Maybe they're playin' volleyball or checking out the live band The Joes. (The drummer's a NY Jets fan... cool.  They’re playin' "Mary Jane's Last Dance" ... cool Tom Petty tune. Great band, The Joes.) I thought about calling them, but it was too loud for them to hear the phone ring. Relieved, Jayne and Jill then tapped me on the shoulder.

Kudos to Krocks Pub owners Big Jim and Maurice for staging this end of summer bash. In a really short amount of time, they transformed Krocks from a sleepy little place into one of the hottest and coolest places to checkout in the Valley. Seriously, after hooking up with my friends, I bumped into so many people I knew. And the amazing thing was how easy it was to buy a round of drinks ... very little waiting. Heck, Jim and Maurice were even serving drinks.

After my experience, I'll definitely be checking out Krocks more often. It's pretty evident that these guys know what people are looking for... a nice casual place to hang with friends and have a great relaxing time that won't cost a small fortune.

I hate to see the summer end, but what a way for it to end! Krocks' End of Summer Beach Bash is sure to be an annual event from here on out … it has to be. How are they gonna top this next year!? I can't wait to find out.