I've heard many things about the historic King George Inn over the years - like how it's expensive, haunted and staffed by rude people - but I wanted to find out for myself what was true and what was bunk.

Here's what happened.

Within five minutes of entering the restaurant a little after 5pm on a Friday, I was welcomed and seated at a linen-covered table aside a beautiful stone wall.

By the time I unfolded my linen napkin on my lap, a pleasant waitress appeared to take my drink order: a single serving bottle of Korbel Brut. Aside from the Molten Lounge at the Sands, I’ve never been able to get champagne like this while out before, so that was a definite plus in my book.

I wasn't that hungry, so I passed on the appetizers (although the baked almond crusted brie cheese sounded good) and ordered the cheese and fresh herb ravioli, which the menu boasted was made in house.

When my entree arrived, I immediately smelled the fresh herbs, which was a wonderful new experience for me. The marinara sauce covering my four mammoth raviolis had a distinctly sweet taste to it, which perfectly balanced the peppery taste of the ravioli’s cheese filling.

My meal-for-one came to $26.47, so King George Inn is a bit on the pricey side, but I knew that going in and the food/ambiance was worth it.

As for the haunting, I didn’t see anything and, by the time I left, the crowd was loud enough that I couldn’t have heard anything even if there was something paranormal going on.

And in my experience, all of the staff, including those serving other patrons around me, were nothing but pleasant.

Have you ever been to the King George Inn?