Overall this weekend was pretty low key for me. Well, except for listening to Michael beat on the drum set he got for Christmas most of the weekend. Now, he's not that bad for only have been playing for a month, but thank goodness they make Motrin because my head needed it anyhow.

His drumming reminded me of a really cool annual event in Lehigh Valley: the Drum Corps International Eastern Classic at J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown.

Now it's been a couple years since I've actually seen the event - by the time I remember that DCI is in town, tickets have been sold out for weeks - but if the wind is just right, I can hear it at my house, clear across town.

My favorite thing about this event is that Allentown doesn't just play host to the dozen drum corps from across the country - it's also represented in the competition. The Cadets are one of the oldest marching music ensembles in the world (formed in 1934) and they're good! They have 19 National Championships and 9 World Championships under their belts.

Have a listen for yourself:

Now Michael is never going to enter any drum corps competition because he is too old, among other things, but he would love to become the next Keith Moon. Dream on!

Have you ever been to a drum corps competition? If so, I would love to hear what you like best.