Saturday afternoon, my wife and I went to our alma mater, Lehigh University, for a wrestling match against Harvard. It's hard to believe that this year is the 100th season of collegiate wrestling at Lehigh. 

The match was held in Grace Hall, named in 2001 by USA Today as one of the five greatest indoor college venues. Known as "The Snakepit," it is a great place to watch a match. 

While the Lehigh crowd was a bit subdued to start, a fall by 141-pounder Seth Ciasulli in 37 seconds got them going. But what brought them to their feet was when 184-pound David Craig, ranked 15th in the nation, took down Harvard's Louis Caputo, ranked 7th, with eight seconds left to win the match. The roar of the crowd made it feel like the good old days, but with fewer people. Lehigh went on to beat Harvard 38 to 3. 

College wrestling is the one sport my wife (a person who can fall asleep at football games in the stadium) understands. She was thrilled to see Lehigh win one big. With a 19 - 1 record in dual meets this season, they're now ranked 8th in Division 1.

Over the years, Lehigh has had 26 individual NCAA Champions in wrestling. During the match, eight more national champions were recognized, four of which were local high school wrestlers. Many people believe that it's because of Lehigh that high school wrestling is so strong in Lehigh Valley. What do you think?