Rosie FINALLY saw Santa, or St. Nicholas as he is called at Christkindlmarkt.  He is the best Santa around. His old-world costume is perfect and his charm made Rosie's first visit with him very special. If Rosie gets the new bibs she asked him for, it will truly be a perfect Christmas!

I also enjoyed shopping at Christkindlmarkt after Rosie was finished with St. Nick. The bad weather the day before might have put a damper on people venturing out, but not us. My Mom, Dad, Rosie and I were determined to visit the holiday market.

I enjoyed some gourmet cookies and fudge, and I bought a few things here and there (I can't say exactly what I bought or where because some of the people reading this blog might find out what they are getting for Christmas) all thanks to two lovely ladies who gave us some extra passes on the way in!

Have you been to Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem?