This weekend there are three things I need to accomplish. The first thing to get done is check out PigPen’s tomorrow night. I have heard some good things about it from my brother and his buddies - apparently there are a bunch of different areas with different types of entertainment in each. Fuzzy Bunny Slippers is there tomorrow, and they are a decent cover band, so it should be a good night to go.

Second on the mighty list of things to accomplish this weekend, is to get in a round of disc golf on Saturday up at South Mountain. I need to practice up there before the IceBowl next Saturday. The IceBowl is my favorite disc golf tournament to play in - actually it's the only one I play in. It's awesome though and with the way the weather is going, it will live up to its billing.

Last but not least on the slate this weekend is Conference Championship Football: Eagles vs. Cardinals at 3:00 (my prediction for the Cards...a lot of PAIN) and Steelers vs. Ravensat 6:30. There's a good possibility for a Pennsylvania Super Bowl. If that's the case, I think Gov. Ed Rendell should make the following Monday a mandatory State Holiday! To watch the games this weekend, I'm going to the best place in Lehigh Valley to watch sports: my buddy Chad’s living room. He has a nice 42” flat panel on the wall with the football games on. Below that, two more televisions that will be featuring college hoops. And that's nothing compared to what we do to his living room during March Madness.

Are you watching the games this weekend? If so, where at?

Have a nice weekend, stay warm, and GO EAGLES!!!!