It's 2:29pm. I'm sitting in Bull & Bear Restaurant in Allentown, anxiously awaiting my gyro.

Earlier, with best intentions, I opened the freezer at work and pulled out my Lean Cuisine. I tried to walk towards the microwave but all I could do was stare at the picture. The photographer probably laughed all the way to the bank after taking that shot. I knew that my 290-calorie morsel wouldn't look like that ... and the box may taste better!

I'm not one for easily deciding where in Lehigh Valley to go for lunch, just ask my co-workers. Do I want Spooner's home-made soup?  Cali Burrito's fish taco? Ichiban's sushi? I finally decided on Bull & Bear, where I'd have lots of choices. Their menu rivals any diner's but the quality is much, much better. If this place was closer to my house, we'd be there all the time.

This picture of my dish doesn't do it justice. You can't smell the just-out-of-the-fryer, never-placed-under-a-heat-lamp aroma of the fries. Or taste the coolness of the fresh tomato and diced red onion on top of the warm generous portion of gyro meat. Heck, even the pickle was good!

If you've never tried Bull & Bear, what are you waiting for? The current owners have owned it for around 15 years and the place has been around since the late 70's. Obviously they can serve "eggs to African lobster" and mix up drinks with the best of them.