"Choose a place that has something healthy …” That’s about as much as I got out before my son, Jared, declared he wanted to go to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner. OMG, just the smell of the place will add five pounds to your bum.

Their menu is simple: burgers, fries, dogs, sandwiches, beverages and 15 free toppings:
1.    Mayo
2.    Relish
3.    Onions
4.    Lettuce
5.    Pickles
6.    Tomatoes
7.    Fried Onions
8.    Sautéed Mushrooms
9.    Ketchup
10.  Mustard
11.  Jalapeno Peppers
12.  Green Peppers
13.  A-1 sauce
14.  Bar-B-Q sauce
15.  Hot sauce

And with all those options in front of him, he ordered a cheeseburger with ketchup and lettuce. How boring! He’s 15, so I guess he’ll grow into liking the other toppings.

One thing to note about their burgers, a regular burger is two patties, so if you only want one patty, make sure you order the "little burger."

Jared also ordered a large regular fry. Now these aren't just any old french fries –they’re fresh cut fries cooked in peanut oil for a great taste. You can get them regular or cajun style. I watched the guy behind the counter put Jared’s order into the bag and saw him throw in some extra fries – those were my treat for the night! 

When we got home, just for fun I thought I would calculate just how many calories and grams of fat my son ate. Calories = 1,649! Total fat = 95 grams! I’m glad I resisted (except for a couple fries) so I could stay on my healthy track - do you know how long you’d have to stay on an elliptical after that meal?

But seriously, if you want one of the best burger-and-fries meals in Lehigh Valley, be sure to put Five Guys on your list.

What’s your favorite burger joint in Lehigh Valley?