Lehigh Valley is fortunate to be home to not just one drive-in movie theater, but two: Becky's Drive-in in Berlinsville and Shankweiler's Drive-in in Orefield. Considering there are only 35 drive-ins left in Pennsylvania, I'd say that is pretty unique.

My favorite is Shankweiler's only because I grew up near by. They are America's oldest drive-in, opening in 1934. Usually, they are open on weekends starting in April, but their Web site isn't giving their opening dates yet. (Becky's opened last weekend.)

Shankweiler's brings a lot of childhood memories to mind. My girlfriend used to live right behind the drive-in and had access to the speakers so we could hear and see the movies from her roof.

We spent many nights hanging out at the actual drive-in property as well. We used to load as many kids as we could into my mom's car, fill up on junk food and have a blast. I don't think we ever saw a movie from start to finish. 

Are you planning to head to the drive-in movies this year? If so, I suggest you get there early cause they fill up real quick!