IronPigs baseball is back! Although, last week for the first two games of the season it was anything but spring-like. Cool temperatures and wind made if feel much more like November.

But I repeat, IronPigs baseball is back! The crisp spring weather seemed to have kept the 'Pigs bats in check, but Saturday was a bit warmer and with that, the 'Pigs bats warmed up as well earning them their first win of the season.

As much of a baseball purist as I am, there are things that are growing on me. I was nice to once again see the Dancin Dirt Dudes, Ferrous and FeFe and hear the crowd roar for free stuff (on Thursday and Friday nights there wasn't much else to cheer for).

There are some new additions to the park and the atmosphere this year; the Youth Education in the Arts (YEA) Drumline, the East Penn Foot & Ankle Associates (EPFAA) Ball Girls, the "Sooeey'te Spot" Frozen Yogurt Bar, the "Boar-rito" Mexican stand, the "Urinal Gaming System", and the most amazing new thing this season PorkCenter.

PorkCenter is a "fan-interactive social media command center" where you can interact on twitter (@PorkCenter) with hashtags such as #AskPork, #PorkSwag and #PorkIQ. Porkcenter is also on Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Google+, Pinterest and Vine. The point is, where ever you are, they are, and they're there for you.

And so the season begins, with promise and hope. We've seen winning seasons and losing season... This year is still yet to be determined, but I will guarantee you this: You WILL have fun at the beautiful Coca-Cola Park all season long!

And last night, the temps were up and the bats were hot, which could be a great sign of things to come!