In 2005, I was visiting Missoula, Montana and attended a local production of this bizarre play called Bug. It was held in the back room of a restaurant with seating for, maybe, 50 people. A year later, Ashley Judd brought Bug to life on the national big screen.

So when I attended the premier of local filmmaker Zeke Zelker's new movie, InSearchOf, I couldn't hope but wonder if this film was going to hit the national spotlight in 2009? I guess only time will tell.

Anyway, I'm not a professional film critic, but I will say this: The subject matter brought to mind the movie Kids (sex and its consequences) and the plot driver reminded me of the movie Crash (seemingly random characters whose lives become intertwined).

So even though it's been done before and it covers one the most taboo topics in this country, I urge you to open your mind and go see InSearchOf at Rave Motion Pictures in Center Valley for the following reasons:

  1. Support local filmmaking (don't forget to go see Transformers 2 next year, part of which was filmed in Bethlehem).
  2. Two famous actors star in it: Michael Rady and Dan Lauria.
  3. The end result is remarkably professional.
  4. It's very cool to see places from around the Valley in a real movie. Some examples include: The Sterling Hotel, Allentown Rescue Mission, the Ritz at the Allentown Fairgrounds.
  5. Form your own opinion about it and share it here!