Its 5:05pm on Wednesday as I write this and I'm stuffed! Here's why. Today I decided to invite Kim Lilly to join me for lunch, my treat. No, I didn't win the lottery (yet), but I had promised her lunch on her last birthday. (NOTE:  I didn't actually say which one!)

I was craving the Black Orchid's ribs with my favorite two side dishes, collard greens and baked macaroni and cheese, so we grabbed a Dining Guide and headed over to 12th & Chew Streets in Allentown, in the old Louie's location. 

We both decided on the ribs, but they only had one order left. I got it ... it might have been my sad puppy dog look. Cynthia Key, the owner, came out to apologize and offer other suggestions. Kim switched to a chicken cheese steak sandwich, which Cynthia customized to her liking.

I wish I had my camera with me to show the size of the portions! (This stock photo doesn't do it justice.) Now, I should have brought half back to the office for tomorrow's lunch, but noooo ... I had to polish off 90% of my meal. It was that good. Hence the reason I'm STILL stuffed.

The Black Orchid Restaurant doesn't have a web site as yet ... they obviously just concentrate on preparing really good homemade food. Give it a try and don't forget to bring a Lehigh Valley Dining Guide along. The Black Orchid, another BYOB restaurant, has a "15% off food" coupon in the back!

Well, its 5:30pm now ... I gotta go to the gym!