And I want the world to know ...

OK, a bad rendition of the classic Diana Ross song, "I'm Coming Out," but when I heard the title of the exhibit at the Da Vinci Science Center, it was the first thing that came to my mind ... call me an '80s kid! The next thing that came to mind was that I can't wait to check this thing out.

When I got there I was mesmerized by the bee exhibit. I mean, where can you go to watch a society of five or six thousand honeybees at work, right up close and personal? Go ahead and just try to find the queen bee. I bet you will be searching a long time, if you are even able to find her! Hint: She has the largest abdomen, but she is not the biggest bee.

Although the bees were the coolest part of the exhibit for me, there is so much more to do. You can learn:

Now, of course I'm not going to give you the answers, because it's a lot more fun to find them out for yourself as you experience the Da Vinci Science Center! I would love to compare answers with you once you're done though.

Many thanks go out to Dr. Frank and Yvonne Schweighardt who sponsored this fascinating exhibit.