I have to confess...for years I bought most my shoes at a discount store I'll just call "Spendless". I'd see the big "BOGO" (buy-one/get-one half price) sign in the window and get sucked in. Let's face it, I was cheap. One day I was looking for something under my bed and found a box containing a "get-one" pair of unworn shoes I forgot I had. I didn't even like them! I then realized I always had a tough time finding a second pair I wanted, which explains the lime green canvas slip-on sneakers in my closet that have never seen the light of day.

That's all behind me now. Turns out the old "you get what you pay for" expression is true. Luckily for Lehigh Valley shoe shoppers, Jennifer Mann opened Shuze over a year ago. I love stopping in to see what's new, and to enjoy some great conversation.

Shuze opened a second location on Main St. in Bethlehem and is in the process of consolidating both stores into a new location at 530 Main St. I popped in the other day to visit the new space and Jennifer suggested I check out the huge sales she has going on at her original SouthSide location.

As fate would have it, I was stuck in a traffic jam right outside that store yesterday. Rather than waste gas idling (God forbid) I decided to take advantage of the empty parking space out front. Ten minutes later traffic was lighter and I walked out with a great pair of Pikolinos which were 50% off! Apparently, Jenn and her crew have no desire to schlep the inventory to the new location. Good for me!

As I was leaving, she asked me to mention the great deals (up to 75% off) to my friends. I decided to "mention" it to a few thousand of them.

An official "Grand Opening" celebration will be taking place at the new location soon and Facebook fans will be the first to know the date.

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