My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for wanting ice cream when it's in the single digits outside, but I'm not the only one - last week, WFMZ ran a story on Ice Cream World in Allentown, which does a decent business during the coldest months of the year.

Anyway, my latest ice cream craving struck the last weekend of January. I wasn't in the mood for store-bought ice cream ... I wanted soft serve ice cream with Reese's peanut butter cup crumbles, or maybe a CMP sundae, or a cherry gelati. And I was low on gas, so I had to find a place around New Tripoli. That's where I ran into problems.

The only place to get a cherry gelati is Rita's, but they're only open during the summer. (Ironically, I don't crave gelatis in the summertime - weird, huh?)

As for soft serve options, there's Bear Rock Junction, but considering that's a mini-golf course (my favorite in the region), they weren't open. Then there's the Northwestern Grill, with their many flavors of soft serve, but they were closed too because it was recently sold to a new owner. The only one left was Rollie's.

When I pulled into the parking lot of the strip mall where Rollie's is located, I swear I saw a beam of light shining down from the sky right over them and heard angelic music playing. Without having to wait, I happily got a Reese's Pieces sundae with vanilla soft serve ice cream to go and headed home.

The following weekend, the craving was back, so I hopped in the car and headed back to Rollie's. Once again, they were open and I quickly purchased a CMP with chocolate/vanilla twist soft serve.

Do you have a favorite place in Lehigh Valley to get ice cream when the urge hits?