The IceBowl lived up to its billing. The temperature was well below the freezing mark, and South Mountain was covered with snow and ice. But that didn’t stop 85 disc golfers from showing up.

The first round began shortly after 10. It was cold but tolerable. I played pretty well and came in with a 65, which put me in the top third of the novice division.

In between rounds they had crock pots in the pavilion with all kinds of good stuff in them. The only problem was that it became so cold, the crock pots couldn’t even keep the food warm. That didn’t stop me from chowing down on some jambalaya and a sloppy joe.

The second round didn't start until 2. By that time, the wind really picked up and the temperature was dropping fast. It was ridiculously cold, but as the IceBowl slogan goes, “NO WIMPS-NO WHINERS."

Everyone finished up before the sun went down, and it was time to tally up the scores. To my surprise I came in 8th out of 22 and won a disc. It was really a surprise because I shot a 71. Everyone must of shot worse the second round. Despite the cold and wind, it was a good time and I look forward to playing next year.

This weekend I'm staying inside to watch the Super Bowl (I'm going with the Cards). No matter how the game is played or the outcome, it will be the greatest halftime event in the history of halftime events: BRUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!.

What songs do you think Bruce will perform?