Ice cream has been on my mind since I saw the upcoming weather forecast for Lehigh Valley. In my opinion ice cream is a great compliment to any day with warm temperatures and sunny skies. Since I have a lot of experience with ice cream in Lehigh Valley, I decided to share my 5 favorite shops (in no particular order):

  1. Bethlehem Dairy (aka The Cup)- Since moving to Bethlehem, this has quickly become a favorite for friends and family visiting from out of town. The seasonal flavors are fantastic with my favorites being Snickers, Reese’s Pieces and Peppermint Stick.
  2. Carvel (Bethlehem) – Carvel is best known for their cakes, especially Fudgie The Whale and Cookie Puss. However, my favorite ice cream snack is the Cake Mix Carvelanche®.
  3. The Inside Scoop (Coopersburg) - The Inside Scoop is well known for their wide array of unique flavors. While I have tried the Maple Bacon and Moose Munch, my favorite remains the Almond Joy.
  4. The Purple Cow Creamery (Easton)- I was recently introduced to The Purple Cow during my visit to The Crayola FACTORY®. The inside of the shop is very vibrant and the flavors feature delicious ingredients. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup is definitely a must try.
  5. Ice Creamery at Premise Maid (Breinigsville)- Most people know of Premise Maid because of their chocolate, however their ice cream is also tasty. I highly recommend the Irish Mint Chocolate Chip.

Who do you think has the best ice cream in Lehigh Valley?