This past Saturday was my roommates birthday, and what Valley based activity did she want to do? Go to the comedy club, so to Wise Crackers Comedy Club we went. For those of you who don’t know about Wise Crackers, it’s located in the Ramada Allentown/Whitehall. What? Where’s the Ramada? It’s behind Best Buy, on Route 145, in most cases you take the jug handle to get to it.

The MC was pretty funny, a dry humor which is right up my alley. Laurence Mullaney was one of the openers, he was pretty good, cracked a few funnies. The best was, of course, the headliner, Mike Eagan. He had me laughing so hard that I let out my hearty, loud, belly laugh several times. It’s tough to get me to laugh like that; I try to keep it for a private setting, like the comfort of my own home while watching Christmas Vacation or another funny flick.

I would like to share some of Mike's jokes with you, however I believe it would be ill-advised seeing as this is a family friendly, professional, company blog. He did tell an amusing story about how his wife bought new curtains and had she not warned him before arriving home he wouldn’t have noticed. He went on to say that most men don’t notice these things, that they are programed that way, it’s their DNA. “DNA – Don’t Notice Anything!” Yes, I know it was much funnier had you been there. With that said, you should definitely visit Wise Crackers in the near future, if you’re up for a good laugh that is. Oh and I should warn you, it’s cash at the door.