I don't consider myself a collector. I've never been one of those people who collects thimbles or miniature spoons from places they've visited as a souvenir of their travels. Nor do I collect dolls, concert t-shirts or anything else like that. But the one thing I do collect are the ceramic tiles sold at Moravian Book Shop.

Each holiday season, Starbuck Goldner Tile, located in South Side Bethlehem, designs a new collectible ceramic tile with an image of a historical Bethlehem building on it. This year's tile features the 1750/1761 Smithy, which was recently reconstructed by Historic Bethlehem Partnership. This building was where blacksmiths, locksmiths, and nailsmiths produced ironwork that was essential to everyday life in early America.

I started collecting the tiles when I lived in Bethlehem the first time. I came to love the city and was proud to live there. I liked buying the tiles since they were locally made and featured some of the city's important historical Moravian buildings on them.

Since I started my collection late, I have all of the tiles in the series but two. And I still have to get to Moravian Book Shop this holiday season to purchase this year's tile before it sells out!

So what holiday-related items do you collect? Ornaments? Santa figurines? If you're local, do you have a collection of anything Lehigh Valley related?