Last week I decided to treat myself to a movie. While some people would never dream of going to the movies by themselves, I really don't mind. I usually do it when no one else in my family wants to see the film that I want to see.

I have two favorite places to see a show, and they couldn't be more different from each other if they tried.

For the hi-tech approach, I love to go to Rave at The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley. This place has a ton of theaters, most of which feature digital projection, comfy high-back seats and lots of legroom between rows.

I like that I can buy my tickets online and then just print them out at the kiosk in the lobby rather than waiting in line. Their concession stand offers the usual choices with one plus: four free popcorn seasonings (white cheddar is the best).

For the more traditional approach, my choice is always the Civic Theatre (aka the Nineteenth Street Theatre) in west end Allentown. Their film series brings to Lehigh Valley a lot of art films and independent movies you won't find anywhere else around here. Often they are films that few people have heard of but will soon be flocking to see when they receive Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations.

Civic really is a gem. It's not only a beautiful old theatre in a great neighborhood, but it gives off a completely different vibe compared to Rave. (They also offer live shows throughout the year.)

Where do you like to see a movie in the region?