So while Kim was at the Halloween Haunt on Friday night, I was at Tatamy Haunted Mill trying to get my heart rate to slow down.

Before Friday, I'd never been to a haunted house; I've always thought of evil clowns and chainsaw-wielding psychos as cheesy. But when I was personallyinvited to Tatamy Haunted Mill, I graciously accepted and looked forward to experiencing another first in Lehigh Valley.

Since it was opening night, things were running a bit late, which wouldn't have bothered me except the longer we waited, the more nervous I became. To distract myself, I talked with the owner; I learned that a portion of the admission fee proceeds go to the Tatamy Volunteer Fire Company and that the mill really is haunted (grreeaattt!).

I was in the second group to tour the mill, along with a young father and his fearless 10-year-old daughter. We were led up some stairs by a grim reaper lookalike, given the "rules" by a disturbed young woman and sent on our way.

Almost immediately, that "fearless" little girl grabbed my hand and she didn't let go for the entire time, which I was actually glad for because while the characters and props didn't really bother me, the darkness and the surprise appearances by ... well, I don't want to spoil it ... did make me pretty anxious. I'm a control freak, so when I'm walking through a pitch-black maze and can't see ... again, I don't want to spoil it ... I really do get scared.

I couldn't tell you how long the tour actually took since I was pre-occupied by the fact that things kept startling me and making me scream and that it felt like my stomach was in my throat. I can tell you I was glad to be out of there. Not so for my fearless sidekick, who was saying, "Daddy, I want to do it again!"

Have you been to Tatamy Haunted Mill or any other haunted area attractions?