If money weren't an issue (meaning, if I didn't have to work), I'd spend my days writing New York Times bestsellers and my nights shooting pool around Lehigh Valley.

I love to play pool. In November, a coworker and I went to Indy for a conference and, of course, we had to find a place where we could shoot pool. That made me think, wouldn't a list of places to shoot pool in Lehigh Valley be a fantastic resource for visitors and locals alike? So here are some of the places I've played at in the past six months:

  • Center Valley Tavern (Center Valley) - one table, $1 per game, non-smoking - A great place to hear live music while you shoot; be sure to sign the wall!
  • Commix Hotel (Allentown near Emmaus) - two public tables, $1 per game, smoking permitted - Pool leagues shoot on their own special tables, so even on league night, there's tables available; if you're tall, watch out for the dear head hanging over the fireplace!
  • Foulker's at the Blue Ridge (New Tripoli) - two tables, 75 cents per game, smoking permitted - A three-minute walk from my house, this is my all-time favorite place to shoot. It has some of the nicest tables in Lehigh Valley. They have pool leagues Wednesday and Thursday nights, so don't expect to get on a table till at least 11pm.
  • Greg's West End Saloon (West Allentown) - one table, $1 per game, smoking permitted - On Wednesday nights, a bunch of guys who've been playing pool together for the past 30 years are usually on the table; if you're looking for some competition, don't be shy to hop in the rotation.
  • Jordan Lanes (Allentown near Whitehall) - 10 tables, hourly rate, non-smoking - Because these aren't coin-op tables, this is the best place I know to really practice your game.
  • Sliders Pub (Schnecksville) - one table, $1 per game, non-smoking - A great place to watch sports while you shoot.

Where do you like to go to shoot pool?