Lehigh Valley has many fine dining establishments, but the finest cuisine has to be hot dogs. Not having a hot dog when visiting or passing through here is like not getting a cheese steak “with whiz” in Philadelphia.

Every city in Lehigh Valley has a favorite hot dog joint. The most famous is Yocco’s. They have stores all over Lehigh Valley, but the dogs that come from the 86-year-old store on Liberty Street in Allentown are, quite frankly, amazing. (By the way, Yocco's dogs come with everything: chili sauce, onions and spicy mustard.)

Also located in Allentown is Willy Joe’s. Now, I haven’t been eating at Willy Joe’s as long as Yocco’s, but the dogs I got from their stand at the Allentown Fair this summer made me forget that Yocco’s wasn’t there the past two years.

If you find yourself in Bethlehem, Coplay, or Nazareth, you're in Pott’s territory. Their hot dog has a sort of crunch to it that I really enjoy and a very good chili sauce.

Easton is home to Jimmy’s. Their dog is different from the other three. First difference is that it is deep fried, second is no chili sauce and third is the dill pickle they put in the bun. It is a different taste from the traditional dog made in Lehigh Valley, but a good one.

So next time you are in the area make sure you get a dog!